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Hectic year, time for an update!

Many new and exciting things have happened since I last updated on the site.  I have moved down to Austin because the city has tons of job opportunities from full PC game programmer jobs to the new and booming mobile development, which I have been interested in and now I can’t get enough.  The next big thing that happened was that I got a job at Chances Media Entertainment.  This was a very small start up company with 1 iOS developer, 1 Android developer(me), 1 server/back-end engineer, 1 artist/web designer, a creative lead, and the head of the company.  Very demanding and rewarding experience.  Everyone usually pulled 9+ hour days because we all knew how much was needed to get the company up and running.  Unfortunately, the last big thing was that we all lost our jobs because of an investment issue that couldn’t be rectified.  It was a really hard day when they had to break the news to us.



The best thing to come out of working for the company was new friends and new knowledge.  We also published an app on the iTunes store and the Play Store.  Spot On Trivia was the game and I had a really good time working on it.


Also, the project that I worked on at Full Sail University is being feature in the MathAlive tour by the Smithsonian Institute!  It is currently in Washington D.C. and I’ve been told that the building is packed to the walls every day!  I’m really proud of the entire team and hope that it goes around the country long enough where I have the time and money to be able to see it for myself.


On a much sadder note,  my grandmother also passed away a few weeks after I was let go.  I’ve been looking on the brighter side of things though.  In her last months she was really happy and treated my mom much better than she did in previous years.  I know this made my mom really happy and I was glad that they had a good relationship before it was over.


Hopefully it won’t be another year before a new post!

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