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The days after moving back home….

Well, I came back home on Sunday night at midnight in the aftermath of the blizzard that hit Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.  I-95 at D.C. was a horrible mess and the only lanes available were the emergency lanes on the side of road.  The middle of the road was a sheet of ice that plows weren’t even making a dent in.

However, Monday was cold but nice, and on my way back home from a drive around town we encountered Pennsylvania deer, yes deer, in our development.

Then, Tuesday into Wednesday came and along with that came MORE SNOW!?!?!  If you look at the table you can see how much snow accumulated so far.

Now, there is supposed to be even more snow coming Monday and Tuesday.  Everyone up here is tired of snow and wondering where to put it when it snows again.

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