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C2DM Setup Tutorial

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
I had to look around for some time to get all my questions answered when trying out C2DM the first time.  I hope that this answers most of the questions that you would have had!  I don't cover the server side implementation of this, but I can give a brief overview of what to expect with it if needed.   1. First, you need to register over at Google's signup page. 2.  Once you get a confirmation email back, and the server side is set up, you're ready to go!   Notes

Medal of Honor Stats App

Friday, January 21st, 2011
Today is the day, and this app has now gone live! If you play Medal of Honor 2010 and are interested in your stats on the go, then this app is definitely for you. Simply type your name into the editbox and click update. Your stats will be retrieved using and can be saved to use on a widget. I've read Friday is the best day for updates and publishing to the Android Market because traffic is higher so hopefully I get some hits today. Read More

Long time no post, now with XNA and Android experience

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
. So it's been roughly 3 months since I wrote anything here. Unfortunately I'm not the biggest blog poster in the world so things like this slip my mind. In other news, currently working with four of my college friends on an XNA game that will hopefully be for download on Xbox in a month or two. The basic idea of the game is a vector graphics platformer, we haven't seen one, so we decided to make one. You control a morphing object that can morph between certain shapes and use those to traverse the level. We're currently working on getting networking down for multiplayer and the level editor complete with serialized objects. Other than that, I'm… Read More

I have highlighters!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010
A very simple get rectangle function for use with bitmap fonts. [cpp firstline="605"] RECT CBitmapFont::GetRect(int nIndex, int nCellW, int nCellH, int nCol) { RECT rCell; rCell.left =   (nIndex % nCol) * nCellW; =    (nIndex / nCol) * nCellH; rCell.right =  (long)(rCell.left + nCellW); rCell.bottom = (long)( + nCellH); return rCell; } [/cpp] Read More